Our members are advocates of the organisation(s)/ communities they love and are committed to.


Within GroupGlobal they become actively involved in activities to promote and support the goals of their foundation, association or DAO.

Members of GroupGlobal will also benefit from special offers, first entrance to new products & services, the Earn & Return affiliate program and other opportunities we create with our affiliated communities.

Imagine you are passionately involved in a foundation, association or DAO and you would like to do something extra for your club, together with other members. With our unique Earn & Return program you can!


GroupGlobal builds relationships with the very best affiliate companies in the world. Making it possible for you to sell their products through your own social media channels. You'll receive the biggest share of commissions on sales and part of the commission is allocated for your beloved organization.


With these funds, activities can be developed that you co-decide on. Powered by GroupGlobal.


Together we stand strong!

Become a Member


Each member of GroupGlobal pays a membership fee. With this fee we finance our basic operations, the network costs of selecting and monitoring professional partners responsible for execution of plans, the costs of tools and programs we offer and business development costs to create more and even better services.


The GroupGlobal membership fee is a fixed amount per year and is equal for all members from affiliated communities we support.


For 2023 the fee is set at $ 50.00   


Only active members (membership fee paid for) can participate in our activities.

YES, I want to become a member of GroupGlobal and support the organisation I'm linked to.

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