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What we do as an Association?

The main objective of our Association is to empower decentralised communities throughout the world. We seek to accomplish this objective by providing a range of collective services.


Our Core Values

Our Association is dedicated to upholding the following core values:

  • Utility: only provably useful products are promoted, mostly focused on making traditional processes work better, safer, faster, cheaper and more environmental friendly.
  • Efficiency: the 'time to market' of products and services, as well as the operating costs need to excel.
  • Sustainabilty: a healthy financial situation, trustworthy partners and depletion of natural resources to maintain an ecological balance.
  • Decentralisation: giving power back to the people as a counterforce against the emerging centralisation in our world from Big Tech, Big Pharma, Mainstream Media, Big Banks and Big NGO's.
  • Security: protecting the privacy of individuals and safeguarding digital processes. 
  • Fairness: bringing rewards to those who do the actual work or take the actual risk and eliminating all possible forms of discrimination. 
  • Innovation: creating new solutions that contribute to a better world for individuals, businesses and our environment.
  • Cooperation: think, act and work together as a community, rather than as a corporation.

GroupGlobal Board Members

In the traditional world, the maximum feasible form of decentralization is an association, combined with a non-profit status. Individual members form the highest body in our association.


Our Association Board Members are elected every five years by our members. The next election will be held in April 2028.

President/Chairman GroupGlobal:

Jeffrey Leichel | info@groupglobal.org | +31 651 808 808

Association Governance

For all decisions we will use voting systems as described in our Association Statutes and Internal Regulations.


Each Division within the GroupGlobal Association will have their own voting tools, to ensure they are served in the best way possible.


General decisions are made by all members, for example decisions on the amendment of statutes, the election of board members and financial committee and other general services.

How to contact us?

Our main details are available at the bottom of each page on this website and you can also use our contact form below. We are happy to help you.

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