How do we empower you?

GroupGlobal provides a range of services to members of community-based entities that want to collectively initiate activities that benefit their community. For these members separate Divisions are set up within our association, where these members collectively make decisions on services we offer.


Services we offer are:

  • Marketing, sales and education services
  • Proposal systems.
  • Digital meeting facilities.
  • Online voting systems.
  • Newsletter services.
  • Legal and administrative support.
  • Incentive programs.

Earn & Return Program

A unique service GroupGlobal offers is a completely designed Affiliate system GroupGlobal members can participate in.


The selected products are aligned with the goals of our members affiliated organisations and on each sale a fixed percentage of the affiliate reward is automatically allocated to (partly) finance new activities members propose. 


The involved members decide together how the allocated funds are deployed.


At the same time, members create new passive income streams for themselves which makes our Earn & Return program the ultimate win/win system for our members and the organisations they are linked to.